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Images from Northampton Jazz Festival


Fred & Laurel

Springfield Museums Images

Photo at Eastworks Jazz Fest

As we prepared for our gig at Eastworks, a visiting jazz fan and photographer from Connecticut observed us and took photographs. Days later, after developing his film, Dan Castelli sent this delightful black and white photo. He titled it, “Music should be fun.”  Yes!  Thank you, Dan!

Photo by Dan Castelli, March 4, 2017

Photos of EBB at Hot Chocolate Run 2016

Springfield Republican Coverage

MassLive and the Springfield Republican had a great write up on us as well as this photo on the front page.
There was also a great article in the Hampshire Gazette.

Photos from Apple-a-Day Road Race

Link for photos from Ian J. Matchett:

Group Photo at 3-County Fair

It’s hard to capture this Expandable and E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G Brass Band all in one photo. Here’s one of the best group photos taken in a while. We were playing at the Tri-County Fair in Northampton on Sunday August 31, 2014. EBB_Marie_2014Fair

Our thanks to Marie Paige, our faithful “band mother,” for this photo.



2014 Pride Parade, Northampton, MA

On Saturday May 3, 2014, we enjoyed playing before, during, and after the Pride Parade.  A wonderful event!

Northampton First Night 2013

Image links from the Springfield Republican, January 1st 2014.

Dr. Yes

Ken and Joan

Green River Festival, July 20

EBB will again be leading the  Children’s parade on Saturday about 6:30 pm.  Yes, we will!  (Sorry for contrary reports earlier). EBB enjoyed playing at  the Green River Festival in 2011 and 2012, leading the Children’s Parade.   Get your tickets early; go for the whole day (or both days). Lots of great performers.   We’ll be there!

Green River Festival 2012

Green River Festival 2012